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Your domain name is the first thing your customers come in contact with when they do business with you. Therefore, be careful when choosing which domain names to register and use. A domain name should reflect the purpose of the website but also be memorable so customers can easily find their way back. An e-commerce site that sells trendy goods can probably be a little more creative with its domains than a law firm.

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Once you have devised a good domain name that is suitable for your business, it is time to do a domain search to check if your intended domain name is free to register. Start by entering your domain name in the search box above to search if the domain name is available.

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How to choose the right domain?

Simplicity; People need to remember your domain name. Make it easy for your visitors by keeping the domain name short and simple.
Profiling; Should you use your domain name in any specific way. Try using a top-level domain that has a special purpose. Are you going to have a lot of videos on your site? Test with a .TV TLD. Do you have a business? Why not use the .BIZ TLD? Are you going to make a site for your association? .ORG is perfect for you.
Keyword; Keywords make it easier for people to find your site. The right combination of keywords can give you a cool and search-friendly domain name.

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Which top-level domain should you invest in depends on what your business looks like at present and what your plans are for the future. Having a domain name strategy is a must for any business that wants to succeed with its online ventures. Getting acquainted with the regulations of all countries is in principle an impossible task for an entrepreneur. We have spent a decade studying regulations for registering domain names in all open top level domains.

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